PRESS RELEASE: Relaunch of 10-Minute Baby à la Carte – now with free recipes!

With a new design, optimized user-friendliness and lots of new, free recipes, the Swedish smartphone app 10-Minute Baby à la Carte is being relaunched. The recipe app, aimed at parents with babies and toddlers, contains nourishing and simple recipes, shopping lists, practical tips and advice, food facts and inspiration for culinary enjoyment.

10-Minute Baby à la Carte offers simple recipes for everything from small plates with nutritional information to healthy and delicious meals for the whole family – all produced in cooperation with a certified dietician. The recipes follow the recommendations of the Swedish National Food Agency and take no more than 10 minutes to prepare – to make life easier for parents who want to give their young children a good food start in life. The recipes are in different themed sections such as vegetarian – with recipes from Gröna Kassen – and a section with influences from places like Peru, Georgia, Central Asia and Asia, delivered by

“I want to be able to share the tasty and nutritious recipes we are constantly creating with everyone. So now the app is free and the recipes can be downloaded free-of-charge. With new icons and a new design we’ve now made it even easier to navigate among the inspiring recipes. I’m really proud of the fact we are offering so much variety for small children, like the delicious vegetarian recipes from Gröna Kassen. They are real experts at vegetarian food and it’s great to be able to share their inspiring cuisine with our users. We also wanted to offer a range of small plates so we have luxury recipes such as “Truffle-scented dry-aged fillet of beef with root vegetables” or “Peruvian Saltado de Pollo,” says Ewa Borin, founder of 10-Minute Baby à la Carte.

Ewa got the idea for the app when she was on parental leave. She wanted to give parents of babies and toddlers an alternative to buying baby food in jars and to show people how simple it is to prepare nutritious food themselves. She saw the many benefits of cooking baby food herself – knowing exactly what her child was eating and saving money – and there is a beneficial environmental aspect as well.

The idea of offering the recipes in an app was to make it easier for parents – everyone has a smart phone. The first version of the app was launched in 2013 for iPhone and Android. In addition to the recipes, there is also a fact-packed section with advice about allergies and foods that the youngest children should avoid, food preparation hygiene, etiquette, inspiration and much more.

In order to offer the recipes free-of-charge, 10-Minute Baby à la Carte is now including partners who have a chance to be visible in the app and present their offerings to parents with young children. The updated version also has a new section called “Mama à la Carte” (which costs about $1,19) offering a delicious 3-course menu inspired by the Ritz Carlton’s outdoor café in Cannes.

New features in the updated 10-Minute Baby à la Carte:

  • Optimized user-friendliness. Simpler navigation in the app. Illustrated icons clearly show the content and give the user a quick overview.
  • New design: New design features in the app for a better overview.
  • Recipe sections that cost money before can now be downloaded free.
  • Visibility in the app for partners who can present their offerings to parents of young children. They can choose to be visible in an international market or, for example, only in Sweden.
  • New premium section – “Mama à la Carte”

About 10-Minute Baby à la Carte
10-Minute Baby à la Carte is a Swedish recipe app for iPhone and Android which offers simple recipes that follow the recommendations of the Swedish National Good Agency and are guaranteed by a certified dietician. The recipes are designed for young children and take about 10 minutes to make. The app also contains advice about allergies and foods that the youngest children should avoid, food preparation hygiene, etiquette, inspiration and much more. Most of the recipes and content are free for all users; the cost is covered by partner offerings and some premium content.10-Minute Baby à la Carte was launched in 2013 by entrepreneur Ewa Borin and is available in all markets.






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Through these paintings I want to evoke a modern retro feeling that takes us back to the Flower Power era, but with a futuristic touch. My initial inspiration came from a series of photos I took of blossoming cherry trees in Kungsträdgården park in Stockholm last spring. The works then grew digitally as I worked with various types of software to create what you see today. I see the paintings as eye catchers to hang over a couch or a bed, or in an office. They will speak to the observer and intensify the feeling of harmony in most milieus,” says Ewa Borin.

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New release 3.0.5!

New updated version 3.0.5! Contact us for images and information!

New features in the updated 10-Minute Baby à la Carte (Out Now!):

Optimized user-friendliness. Simpler navigation in the app. Illustrated icons clearly show the content and give the user a quick overview.

New design: New design features in the app for a better overview.

Recipe sections that cost money before can now be downloaded free.

Visibility in the app for partners who can present their offerings to parents of young children. They can choose to be visible in an international market or, for example, only in Sweden.

New premium section – “Mama à la Carte”


The App!

My name is Ewa Borin and I am currently developing a product I would like to tell you about.  I am launching an app called 10-Minute Baby à la Carte, which is currently available on the App Store and on Google Play.

The app contains a collection of recipes based on Scandinavian cuisine, for babies under the age of one. You’ll also find recipes and inspiration for the whole family. The app is the fruit of a collaboration with certified dietitian who has calculated ingredient proportions and verified the nutritional value of the meals. The recipes have been checked against the recommendations and guidelines of the Swedish National Food Agency. Content will continuously be updated, new recipes will be added – it is a live product. The app has  been launched in all countries. All text has been proof-read and translated by a professional translation agency in order to guarantee consistency and high quality throughout. Even grandmothers and grandfathers will enjoy this app while babysitting their little darlings.

I got the idea for this during my maternity leave. I wanted to show how easy it is to turn your back to baby food jars and to rapidly throw together a meal yourself.  In addition, there is of course the GREAT benefit of choosing the ingredients yourself! The CSR dimension is important and my purpose is to develop this product so successfully that I can continuously set aside a considerable share of the revenue towards helping children.

I hope you find the app useful, but most of all, that the app gives you inspiration, joy and some new ideas when it comes to cooking.

Take care of each other!

Time for yourself at the hair salon!

Being a parent is fantastic – a whole new life, a whole new world waiting to be discovered…

For me, being a parent means lots of things … words like love, closeness, tenderness, happiness, mischief, pride, commitment, responsibility, all come to mind.

Being a parent for me also means setting aside things that are not a priority, or at least doing certain things less often – things that I more or less took for granted in the past. Deciding during the day to see a film the same evening is no longer something I can take for granted. 🙂

I don’t miss those days but, on the other hand, I do think parents need to take time out for themselves sometimes. I believe, or know, that I at least can be a better parent if I have space for my own activities – with my husband, with a friend or just on my own.

For me it’s about the small but important things. For example, having the opportunity to go out for dinner with my sweetheart – just the two of us, working out, going to the hair salon to be pampered and get a great haircut, which I was able to do just the other day.

Just sitting in the chair at the salon, browsing through a magazine and sipping a cappuccino while knowing that when I leave I’ll feel renewed and re-energized – that means a lot!

Spending time with my family gives me loads of energy and brings happiness and harmony. Being able to take care of myself as well is the icing on the cake!


In the kitchen with Pontus!

Pontus Frithiof was just 15 when he began working in the kitchen of Erik Lallerstedt’s restaurant in Stockholm. He then gained experience under Michel Rostang in Paris and as a sous chef under Leif Mannerström before returning to Eriks i Gamla Stan as head chef. He opened his first restaurant, Pontus in the Green House, in 1999. Since then he has continued to develop his various ideas and himself as a person.

These are exciting times for the Pontus group. New projects are being launched at a rapid rate. What is the biggest challenge facing you today?

The biggest single challenge for me is staff. Finding new staff, taking care of and developing the staff we already have, and building strong, lasting teams. Nothing takes up as much time as that. And this aspect of my work is not all positive energy – there’s also a lot of frustration. But at the same time it’s often hugely satisfying and, above all, necessary.

Tell us a little about the concept Pontus in the Air (located in Arlanda Airport, terminal 5).

The concept is fun – there are three different parts – Brasserie, Market and Take Off. The brasserie offers good, tasty food at reasonable prices and quick service – no diner should wait more than 12 minutes for their food. Everything from fresh salads to hamburgers, fish dishes and meat dishes, as well as lots of Swedish favourites. We also have a fantastic wine list with almost 1,000 wines.

Market offers an extensive breakfast buffet and then, later in the day, a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord where everything is made from scratch. Take Off is our app that allows you to pre-order food to take away. And we have loads of exciting things going on.

Where/how/when do you draw inspiration?

I am inspired every day. My radar is constantly on. I can get inspiration from a fashion store, a work of art, a book or a plate of food. I make a lot of notes on my phone.

Who/what are your greatest role models/sources of inspiration?

In terms of business it is definitely Jan Stenbeck who has been my biggest influence. The best thing about Jan is that he was also a bit of a foodie, and we had lots of fantastic discussions about food.

Food-wise, I get inspiration from all sorts of places: restaurants, bars, websites, books etc. One role model as a chef is Alain Ducasse who is unrivalled when it comes to opening new restaurants and operating at an incredibly high level.

What is the best thing you have ever eaten?

Incredibly difficult question – so much depends on the occasion and the company.

There are times when nothing can beat freshly caught oysters eaten on a beach; likewise a perfectly grilled steak, or why not a home cooking classic? And in spring I love freshly cooked top-quality asparagus with a delicious rich sauce! Many years ago the best asparagus was that served at La Tour d’Argent in Paris; it was so long that the plate wasn’t big enough, and almost as thick as a rake handle.

What is the trickiest thing you have ever cooked?

I generally avoid cooking things that I am unsure about. One of my most nerve-wracking experiences was when, as a 20-year-old, I was at Jan Stenbeck’s weekend cottage and I had to prepare crayfish timbales to a recipe Jan liked. He wanted me to bake them in the oven in his antique heirloom porcelain cups that were so delicate I was terrified they would shatter in the heat of the oven. Thankfully it all turned out all right and he was pleased.

What are your best tips in the kitchen?

Keep everything tidy, write lists, be organised.

If you are having guests round for dinner and are doing the cooking yourself, I would suggest a menu which allows you to prepare almost everything in advance and just save the most important elements until the last minute. Then both you and your guests can enjoy it properly.

What food trends do you predict over the next few years?

There are contradictory trends just now. Vegetarian food and restaurants that don’t serve any meat are becoming more and more popular, while at the same time new steakhouses are opening. Awareness is growing and people are concerned about what they shovel into themselves, but at the same time dishes with lots of butter and cream are often big-sellers

I hope and believe that one of the effects of increased immigration in Sweden will be that we get a more multicultural cuisine.

Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

If I had asked myself that question five years ago the answer would not bear much relation to where I am today, so that’s quite hard to answer. I hope to be able to concentrate more on the things I enjoy doing and that are important to me. The future of the industry, our gastronomic heritage, and matters relating to service are important to me. In terms of my business, I believe things will be much the same as they are today, but with a major boost for Pontus Brands AB, our branding company that is currently going through an exciting phase and has loads of fantastic projects in the pipeline.

If you could open a restaurant anywhere at all in the world, where would it be? What would it look like and what style would it be?

I would take over Jules Vernes in the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I would divide the restaurant in two and have a fine dining section and a bistro with 40 covers each. That would have to be the ultimate location for a restaurant and I could really see myself there! The current owner, Alain Ducasse, probably wouldn’t think it was such a good idea.


Thank You, Pontus! I wish you the best!

Ewa Borin, Founder 10-Minute Baby à la Carte