Recipes for babies under the age of one

Recipes for babies under the age of one

This app is loaded with great recipes for babies under the age of one. The recipes are full of wholesome ingredients, they are easy and they only take around 10 minutes to prepare. The recipes contain ingredients from the Scandinavian cuisine and the cooking methods are pure and simple to retain the nutritious content and flavor of the ingredients. Typical ingredients are fish, veal, beef, lamb and venison, plenty of wholesome root vegetables and other vegetables. But you’ll also find recipes for scrambled eggs, pasta dishes and a couple of dishes suitable for preparing in larger batches. I’ve divided the content into two sections. The fact-packed section provides information about foods to avoid, when to start with tasting portions, tips for staples to have in your kitchen, children and fat etc. The second section contains delicious, wholesome recipes that are intended to be a source of inspiration to teach your child to appreciate delicious, flavorful, well-prepared and nutritious food from an early age.

To optimize the quality of the app’s content, I have chosen to work with Theresia Plymoth, a certified dietitian at Nutrivas AB, who has reviewed and fact-checked the information, calculated the nutritious content of the recipes and shared her nutrition expertise. I have also obtained important information from the Swedish National Food Agency.

Nutritional calculations and content fact check:
Theresia Plymoth, certified dietitian

Good Luck and Bon Appétit!

Ewa Borin, Founder 10-Minute Baby à la Carte

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